Owlman's Art Studio

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Owlman's Art Studio
is a gallery of my current and retrospective work which spans more than 25 years.  I am also a Journeyman Bench Woodworker and Cabinetmaker with 16 years experience.  The last 4 of these exclusively in trade-show exhibit building.  14 of my 16 years in the wood industry has been in High-End retail fixture construction and casework.  These industries also overlap with the Plexiglas industry.  I DO have the inside knowledge and expertise of materials and processes used in this business. Please see "About the Artist" for my academic accomplishments. 

1.   Consultating:  " Where and How To Get Started " & "Making A Statement" - Corporate and Private collecting- Industrial and Product Marketing Design (Plexiglas)  Retail Interior Decor and Aesthetics ("Green" Neon Lighting & LED's)
2.  Commissions: - large or small - corporate, institutional or private
3.  Basic instruction: DIY garage hobbyist - "How to get Started"

I welcome you to view the results of my work and my journey.  Owlman's Art Studio has been open since 2004 and I have been making Fine Art since 1983   .....with fondest regards, 
                                                              JR Crawford, MFA.